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Appointment - Cooling of transformer oil.

Installation - System of cooling of the transforme.


series - MB, MOV, MO, C, DC.


mba mb6390a mb5075a moa

Oil cooler is a heat exchanger cooling turbine and transformer oil.

Consists of the case, the camera and lens caps. The basis of tube bundle-shaped pipe, depending on the cooler.

Oil cooler made of profiled pipe more efficient heat exchanger, than гладкотрубчатый.
More shell and tube heat exchanger, the advantages and effectiveness, with the use of profiled pipes is considered here...

Materials used in the production depend on the performance and operation conditions of the heat exchanger.

Lower oil coolers are presented in more detail. Select the oil cooler and read with him. The heat exchangers- effective and reliable, made taking into account modern requirements to the devices of this kind.

We will help You choose the oil cooler, when you need to perform the calculation.

All consultations are available by phone: +7(351)735-88-69, f.+7(351)735-95-79, +7(351)270-94-54.

send the application by fax or by e-mail, any e-mail address of the contact section.


If You need to pick up oil cooler, You don't know his model, fill the questionnaire and send it by fax +7(351)735-95-79 or in the sales department on e-mail.


Fill the order list oil and send it to the sales department by fax or e-mail.


To request a check fill in the order form oil and send to the sales department by fax +7(351)735-95-79 or e-mail.

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