The production of oil coolers MO

Oil cooler MO 35, MO 53, MO 65 - efficient performance. Oil coolers series mo refer to the devices horizontal execution.

oil cooler moOil cooler MO is similar to a series of MB - IOM and is the location of the reference elements on the housing and the use of elliptic bottoms instead of flat caps.

The basic units of oil-cooler - water camera, housing, pipe system, the exhaust air.

The price of oil is given on request. Fill out a request form and send it to the sales department.

Technical description

One water the camera is in the housing and made floating, for compensation of temperature fluctuations pipe system relative to the housing. If necessary, it can be removed.

oil coolerTube bundle is installed in the frame,to which, at the bottom of the welded connections, supply and exhaust oil. The movement of oil in the intertube space of the cross   on the tubes and organized by partitions of the disk-ring. Inside the tubes circulates cooling water coming from the water chamber. Inside the chamber there are barriers to the movement of water in four(two) throws. On the camera installed hatches for the removal of sludge when cleaning the tubes from the moving of the water. Lower water camera is connected to the housing with a flange. At the same time between the flanges of the body and the lower water chamber is clamped lower board pipe system. The air from the oil space is available with a crane mounted on top of the oil cooler. For the full discharge of oil and water are used cranes mounted on the bottom of the board and on the bottom the water chamber.
Devices have treated the inner surface with anti-corrosion properties.




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