Gas coolers

They cool hydrogen, circulating in isolated systems of cooling of turbogenerators and rotary condensers with water. 

Gas coolers (GO):

gas coolers

incorporated into the system of cooling of turbine generators.

Turbine generator is an electric machine that produces some of the electrical energy and driven in rotation steam or gas turbine.

Turbine generator consists of a rotor and a stator. Cooling system closed turbine-type generators, air and hydrogen. The use of hydrogen cooling medium allows to raise capacity of the turbogenerator with the same size. Hydrogen removes the heat from the hot parts and comes in a special cooler - 07 08 09 description.

Gas coolers and are used for cooling of hydrogen, which is returned in an electrical machine.

Gas coolers are manufactured in climatic versions U, UHL4, T, placement category - 3 or 4 according to GOST 15150-69.

Technical characteristics, overall dimensions and installation-installation dimensions of gas-coolers are agreed in the order.

Graphical symbol:

ГО-194/2510-М5-Т4 (rus),

ГО-  Gas coolers,

194- Nominal heat flow, Kw,

2510-  Distance between trumpet walls, mm,

M5- Execution of air cooler, depending on characteristics of cooling water,

T4- Environmental category.

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