Air coolers for cooling electrical machines

Industrial air coolers are manufactured in the following series: air cooler VOP-WO-VUP-WB.

air coolersIf You are interested in a particular cooler and price, You know designation and number of the drawing, you can send your request by fax +7(351)735-95-79 or any e-mail address of the CONTACT section of the site, if not, then we can advise You on any available phone and perform the calculation of an air cooler.
Selection of an air cooler can be made on the basis of calculations of an air cooler, the available data: photos, description, material, dimensions, fill the questionnaire. The questionnaire send by fax or through the mail box.

More in detail industrial air coolers are considered in the directory. In the catalogue are not all models.

The principle of action of the- air coolers of water, i.e. the heated air is removed from the running machine and passing through the device
is water-cooled.
Air coolers of water use industrial water and are made depending on its characteristics, see section norms of water depends on the materials used.

Buy air coolers it is possible on the basis of the conclusion of the contract and placing the order.

The price is formed of the conditions of delivery and of the materials used.

Materials used:
- pipe system- aluminum WIRE (fins), brass brand L68-Л96, nickel silver, stainless steel mark 12Х18Н10Т- carrier pipe.
- housing- carbon steel, нержавющая steel.
- walls- carbon steel, stainless steel.
The combination of materials can be taken into account at formation of the order taking into account wishes of the client.

Industrial water cooler- robust and efficient unit can easily be integrated, extended service life.
Manufacture of air coolers finished production cycle. Is equipped with production of modern equipment.

Delivery in the country and for export (INCOTERMS 2000), registration of the documentation. Packaging according to customer's request. Any kind of transport. Sending the transport companies.


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